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When to call Locksmith


When to call Locksmith


When to call Locksmith?  There are many reasons to call Locksmith Pembroke Pines and we will get into them in this blog.  One of the most common reasons is when your locked out.  Second is you need a car key made and programmed.  Third is rekey and lock change.  Fourth and what I consider to be very important is just asking questions.

Locked out

This is probably the most popular call at the locksmith Pembroke Pines office.  Whether it is at a home, car or business.  We provide all services for lockouts even other things beside what we just mentioned.  There are all sorts of lockouts and we provide all of them to get you in.

Car Key Replacement

You can’t imagine how many people loose keys.  Car Locksmith Pembroke Pines provides the service of making a new key and even programming it.  That even includes programming smart keys and yes we do have them all in stock.  If a customer looses there keys we will come to them and do the service on site.  We have all the machines in the van so the customer will be on there way within 20 minutes.

Rekey and Lock Replacement

Rekey and lock replacement is a very important service that is also very popular.  Rekey is when you keep your lock but change the key that opens it.  This is common for business or home.  Business excuses is usually when a company gets rid of an employee and instead of changing the locks they just rekey it.  Yes it is cheaper to rekey then change locks.  The other service lock replacement happens when the customer just want to change there lock or want an upgrade.


I always tell customers the dumbest question is the one you don’t ask.  I was at a job today and I told customer when they get money saved to get a special remote key feel free to call to make sure they ket the right key.  Not only that before you make a bad buying decision give us a call we just may make you make the right decision that can save you money and time.

When to call Locksmith




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