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Cheap Door Locks Think Twice

Cheap Door Locks Think Twice


cheap door locks think twice



           Cheap door locks think twice are not always a smart choice. People think wow I saved money on the locks I purchased. There is a reason those cheap door locks are ten dollars .

            Going to walmart, Home Depot and Lowes you can find ten dollar locks. They look just fine but are very easy to pick and drill which make you a target. Being a locksmith Pembroke Pines I try to educate customers on the pros and cons.

I had a customer just last weekend and she had me put on real good locks about a year ago. She asked me what locks I have on my house I told her Multi-Lock and she wanted the same.

She called last week Locksmith Pembroke Pines to tell me she needs new locks. I ask her what happen to the Multi-Locks that I installed. She said they were broken into by her ex-husband. I told her there is no way he got in on those locks without causing a major scene for hours.

When I got to the job the neighbor was telling me and the customer how long the locksmith was there which was about four hours and made so much noise that the whole block was watching. He also had three locksmiths who couldn’t even do the job.

The moral of the story is safety and those locks provide you that. Now when I got there the ex-husband put another lock on and women who owned the house asked me to open it. It took exactly less than a minute to open the new lock. You can’t put a price on where you live and have family members in your home that is why having quality locks are so important.

Being a locksmith Pembroke Pines I can’t stress how important and smart the right locks are for your home. Here at A Lenny Locksmith we are here 24’s seven days a week so you can always call and even just ask questions. I hope after reading this you realize how smart it is to have quality locks.

Cheap Door Locks Think Twice




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