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How to avoid a locksmith scam Pembroke Pines

How to avoid a locksmith scam Pembroke Pines

How to avoid a locksmith scam boca raton



How to avoid a locksmith scam

A Lenny Locksmith pembroke pines knows there are a lot of locksmiths out there with no business license and no license at all and have no experience. Unfortunately, it gives a bad name to locksmiths that are good. Some things to watch out for when choosing a locksmith and how to avoid a locksmith scam, the business is not on google maps. Google maps is a sure way to know that the business is legitimate, before google will publish a business map location the business must prove to them they are a legitimate running business in that location. Check with the better business bureau, this is always a good way to see how long the business has been operating, what their rating is, and if they have any complaints. Avoid using a locksmith business that is not published in the better business bureau. They may not be legitimate or honest. Check on youtube, youtube is a great place to check for locksmiths especially if they use actual employees of the company to post helpful videos. Most companies will post cartoons or other videos for marketing purposes only. If you see actual people of the company on youtube videos you know you are choosing the right company.

Every locksmith company will give a starting price over the phone, this is a standard procedure. When the locksmith technician actually arrives the price may change and may be higher and this is sometimes normal. The starting price is the lowest price they would charge for the job. If the price is different have the technician explain why, these explanations may be legitimate as every locksmith job is different. Your car may have a higher security system or your house locks may be a higher security level than the standard. Just because the price changes when the technician arrives doesn’t necessarily mean they are scamming you. If you ever feel the price is not right do not hesitate to call the main office and have them explain why the pricing is different.

Here at A Lenny Locksmith pembroke pines we are licensed and insured. We know all these things are hard to check when you are in an emergency situation. These are some of things that you should look for when trying to find a reputable company. We at A Lenny Locksmith pembroke pines are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We will answer any questions you may have whether you decide to use our services or not. Please call us anytime 954-840-8729.



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